Solutions for optimizing, controlling and monitoring supply chain

Is your company facing challenges with a global supply chain that includes several suppliers and customers? Following up the delivery and service promises is also very challenging and resource demanding?

Speys team of logistics and supply chain professionals will help with analyzing your processes and optimizing your supply chain. Our Digital Control Tower enables controlling and optimizing supply chain flows enabling delivery performance for all delivery modes and areas. Tailor made solutions for your needs create an end-to-end transparent supply chain with real-time information for all stakeholders. Speys is a neutral service provider, our main goal is to support companies develop their logistics and supply chain with help of digital tools and services.

Logostiikan ohjaus

Logistics Control

  • Partner network managing
  • All transport modes
  • KPI monitoring and reporting
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Specialist services

  • Supply Chain analyzing
  • Logistics solutions
  • Tendering
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Tailored applications

  • Partner apps
  • Booking portals
  • Real-time monitoring

Examples of how Speys Control enhances supply chains

Speys Control

Big seasonal variation in production

Scalable and dynamic partner pool ensures correct resources for all seasonal needs for right price and without increasing own resources. Follow up and KPI measuring the partner network with one system creates visibility and reliability. We monitor the supply chain for you enabling you to focus on the core business.

Speys Control

Delivery monitoring and follow up is resource demanding

With the help of Digital Control Tower we can monitor and measure all deliveries and partners in real-time. This creates an agile and transparent supply chain that can react rapidly to all disturbances minimizing the negative effects in the process.

Speys Control

Hard to find the most suitable service provider

Choosing best partners via tendering enables best solutions to all business areas. Global or local, all modes of transport, we can handle it creating a satisfying customer experience.

How can you gain the benefits of digitalization in logistics and supply chain?

It´s easy! Contact us and we can together look through your needs and find the best solutions for your company.

We want to support the development of logistics and the supply chain with the help of digital tools and services. Digitalization is already here, your welcome to join.

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