Fulfil your client delivery service with speys delivery solution

Speys Delivery is offering comprehensive service solutions comparison with traditional transportation services.

Speys System

More efficient & more ecological

  • Digital Transport Management System
  • Deviation reports, photographs
  • Driver-specific monitoring
  • Customized & scaling delivery network
Speys service

Multi-professional staff

  • Control Tower staff at your service
  • System support / Reporting
Speys mobile

Superior technology

  • Real time track and trace
  • Delivery application control and advice the driver during delivery concerning to the level of service
  • Electronic documents
  • We get real time feedback from end customer

Speys Delivery has been developed to meet the needs of the customer and fulfil the seller's service needs

Asiakkaiden vaatimukset

Customer requirements are increasing, but how to respond to them?

Using the Speys services you can supply the new equipment to the customer also as installed. For each installation can be an electronic report and the necessary electrical installation document.

Digitaalinen jakelusovellus

Digital delivery app provides multiple different features

You can track the progress of your client’s delivery map, via a mobile device or computer.

Driver application guides the driver to call advance to the customer, e.g one hour advance.

The level of customer service remains high, when we receive evaluation of quality from every delivery event in real time.

Sohva käyttövalmiiksi

Sofa delivery and installation, ready to use. At the same time old sofa to recycling

Tailor-made service solutions to suit specific needs. Additional services can be added to the delivery such as: package removal, installation and recycling of old products.

Speys Delivery, interested?

We are an independent distribution solutions provider in Finland, we take care of a solution tailored to your needs, modern IT systems and applications. Digital control system, multi-stage supply chain is not interrupted at any point

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